Sunday, February 1, 2009

Beauty vs. Economy

How are you coping with the market chaos and shrinking 401ks ? I think I'll go to the spa , yeah a facial will make me feel better . I want to start a discussion about beauty products and the economy . I splurge on beauty products. Any one who knows me can tell you that !!! For instance, I don't think $195 is too much to spend on eye cream (Like N.V. Perricon e M.D. NEUROPEPTIDE EYE AREA CONTOUR OMG this eye cream will change your life)The glam lounge says -It's the one area you simply can't cut back on - I invite you to tell what changes you are making if any with your beauty budget . My mother always told me all you need for a facial is in the fridge !!! So here's how to create a spa experience for yourself at home. Besides... bringing positive energy into your living space can help bring on greater financial, spiritual and emotional success

My Beautiful mom taught me how to make these masks growing up. I can remember being in the kitchen with her and hearing her say " you can put this on your face " . Was I the only kid that could play with my food ???

Egg White Mask

Take an egg (organic —better for you and the planet)
Separate out the yolk ( you can mush into your hair for a nice conditioner if you're planning on hopping in the shower to wash off your mask be sure the water's not too hot—you don't want to be picking scrambled eggs out of your hair!).
Using a mask brush apply the egg white onto a clean face avoiding your eyes and mouth.
Let it dry—about 10 minutes .Rinse off with a warm wash cloth


Mash 1/2 organic avocado, I find 1/4 avocado is enough unless your going to put on a hair mask as well , apply to skin . Let sit for at least 15 minutes. Rinse with a warm wash cloth

Yogurt Mask
1 tbsp plain organic yogurt ,1 tsp honey,1 tsp oatmeal or wheatgerm
mix all ingredients in a bowl , apply to skin , Let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm wash cloth

Take it a step further and create a spa experience for yourself at home here's how

What you need
Rose petals
cucumber slices
Neutrogena Body Oil, Original Light Sesame Formula
Set up a bath ,add rose petals to the water , light the candles. When the water is filling the bath, add 1/2 a cup of the oil to the water , cover your body with the oil . Get into the water and put the cucumbers over your eyes and relax at least 20 minutes. when you get out dab your skin down with a towel and put on some comfortable pajamas. I always turn on some relaxing music and have a glass of wine or sparking mineral water - this we enhance the experience


Rosemary said...

the Glam Lounge and your "home-made" recipes...but $195 for eye
cream??? It better look like I've had a facelift for that amount. (Of
course, I will admit that after highlights, color, a cut and new hair
products, I spend nearly as much every couple of months on my hair-and
I'm still not satisfied!...) Great pics of you and family at Wicked.

karatekid said...

Great recipes , I love the avocado mask - yummy

Glmgrl said...

I am not cutting back on anything yet . I have read time and time again that cosmetics and skin care are recession proof

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