Thursday, January 1, 2009

Worst Beauty Trends of 2008 !!!

Good Bye 2008 - Hello 2009

5 Beauty trends we can all live with out

Face yoga. A new-agey alternative to injections (I usually love this stuff), face yoga hit the high-end gym scene. You were supposed to stretch, yawn, and puff out your cheeks to reduce your wrinkles. I didn't like sticking my tongue out like that. Plus: It doesn't work.

Eyebrow and lash transplants. If you lost your brows and lashes from alocpecia or chemotherapy, these procedures are great. As beauty treatments? Not so much. Stick with pencils, powders, and false lashes.

Pastel hair. Sure, Pink and Lily Allen pulled off baby blue and sugary pink dye jobs. But if you don't perform on a stage, skip this. Besides, these shades fade fast. And maybe that's a good thing.

Bowl-cut bangs. The black wigs and black lips look at Yves Saint Laurent's fall show sent a shiver down my spine. Those bowl-cut bangs looked sick on the runway, but they were downright weird for everyday. Wisely, women tried the models' black lip gloss and left the hair on the cutting room floor.


Now give yourself one point for every beauty disaster you sidestepped.


Anonymous said...

All of these trends should have never been trends to begin with

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