Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Product Review : Caress Evenly Grogeous

Extravagant and luxurious with out spending the Big Bucks

I am in love with the smell... The YUMMY Burnt Brown Sugar scent - is more caramely with a hint of pumkin pie

This dreamy body wash leaves you clean,smooth and hydrated ...Lived up to it's promises for smoother and more even-toned skin using it's special mix of exfoliators and soothing ingredients, like Burnt Sugar and Karite Butter (more popularly known in the West as Shea Butter)

The Beauty Bar is nice if you prefer a bar ,i foud it to be just as exfoliating ...Both are great drug store finds

Body Wash available in 18 oz. $4.49 and 12 oz. $3.50 bottles. Beauty Bar $2.99



Anonymous said...

The Beauty Bars are great for travel ! I love the way my skin feels after I use this product. I will try the body wash next time I need one. I really enjoy your blog


john smith said...

Another lovely creation. Love your colours. And sentiment. Disposable medical drapes

Daniel bird said...

Hi Ileane,
thanks for the list. I simply bought it via your affiliate link, the value in promotion is great!
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