Monday, September 21, 2009

Six Ways to Reverse Signs of Aging

An article about hair and aging by Lynne Chapman BellaOnline's Hair
Six Ways to Reverse Signs of Aging

Cover gray:
You may choose to erase all traces of gray hair by using an all-over hair color available in semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent. Semi- and demi-permanent preparations fade away gradually, not requiring immediate retouch. These are gentle on your hair, although, in some cases, will not completely cover the gray. Permanent hair color preparations give better coverage and are non-damaging when used correctly. Choose a color that compliments your complexion. It is usually smarter to choose a shade that is in the middle of your color range rather than extremely light or very dark. Lightly highlight over the tint for a more natural, brighter look and to take away the solid-color look.

Blend gray:
Whether you have a lot of gray hair or just a little, you can use a highlighting or color-weaving technique to put strands of your natural color in and look younger even while leaving some gray.

Brighten dull hair:
Even if you are have not begun to gray, your natural hair color may be losing its youthful brightness and luster. As we age, our hair often darkens, loses warmth and appears dull. Use a highlighting or color-weaving process to add fine strands of warmer hair color, putting life into dull, drab hair. The colors to use are; any shade of auburn, golden blonde, golden brown or beige.

Pay attention to condition:
Hair that is dry and damaged from hair color or permanent waves will look old. Always condition your hair and seek professional advice in the correct use of hair color and perms.

Pay attention to eyebrows:
Eyebrows are often overlooked but are very important to your look. If they are too thick, too thin, unruly, or sparse they detract from your prettier features.Fill in thin spots with brow powder or eye shadow powder that is a shade lighter than your natural brow color. Exception: if you have blonde brows, use a light brown powder.Have your brows professionally shaped, to get the correct thickness and shape.Trim long hairs and use brow gel to make unruly hairs stay in place.Eyebrows may be tinted to cover gray or adjust the color, however it should be performed by a professional.

Consider a style change:
A style change is often key to achieving a younger appearance. I wrote about this in Hairstyles for Women Over Forty

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