Thursday, December 3, 2009

Luscious Holiday Lips...Get the perfect red lips with Clinique's Holiday Collection

For A bright glamorous Red try Clinique's Red Red Red $14

Time to SPARKLE... The Holiday Season is here... I want to offer up a few really simple and fun ideas for the perfect, pretty, party pout! Great looking lips can be just the sparkle you need for your party!Give some of these ideas a try:

Begin with a lip exfoliant. This will remove any dry, flaky, dead skin and give your lips a fresh, smooth look.

Choose a lip liner that coordinates with your chosen lip color. They really must be close to matching, if you want a nice, professional look. After you line your lips, blend the liner in so you don’t have a harsh line.

Apply lip color. Remember, light colors generally make your lips look larger, while dark colors make them look smaller.

Think about red. It’s sexy, cheerful and bright! (hopefully just like your holidays) Keep in mind that there are all kinds of “red.” From cool, blue-based red all the way to a bright, light, warm, orangy red. Keep your skin tone in mind here and remember that if chosen correctly, everyone can wear some type of red.

Add a sealant and then gloss. This will help you maintain your color longer. The more moisture the lipstick has the easier it will come off. A sealer will dry your lipstick out a bit, but help it stay, and the lip gloss will add a bit of shine and dazzle to your holiday kisser!

So many times we spend time looking for a great outfit for a holiday party that we forget to pay attention to the little finishing touches, like a new makeup look


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