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Friday, November 20, 2009

Totalbeauty.com Gives great advice on expert eyebrows...


One of the best "How to Quick Tips" I have seen

The Eyebrow Mistakes You're Making
Learn how to fix them with these expert tricks
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Eyebrows can make or break your entire look, according to practically every makeup artist and brow expert we've ever talked to. They can make your eyes look droopy when they're not, or make you look angry when, in fact, you're not. This is why it's essential to be very cautious when grooming your own brows. There is a very fine line between a perfectly shaped brow and an overly tweezed brow. If you think about it, your brows (even when big and bushy) have very little real estate on your face. One or two plucks too many can leave you with a pretty scary shape. Here, we share the common mistakes most women make when it comes to grooming their own eyebrows. If you're guilty of any of them, don't freak out (hey, even celebrities slip up in the eyebrow department, as proven in these celebrity photos). With the help of brow guru Kristie Streicher, who operates out of the Warren Tricomi Salon in New York City and Los Angeles, you can work to correct them in no time. Or if you're too nervous to take matters into your own hands, see a brow expert who can help you assess what you need to do in order to get the most flattering brow shape for you. Then you can simply maintain the shape they help you create at home, with these tips.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


This time of year my skin gets unbearably dry...especially now that I am back in Arizona. Finding a lotion that actually moisturizes and is affordable isn't an easy task...NEW VASELINE® SHEER INFUSION™ WITH STRATYS-3™ works ...and it is an amazing $7.99
No other leading lotion delivers this kind of moisturization! A breakthrough multi-layer moisture complex with avec/Stratys 3 (learn more about this technology http://www.vaselinesheerinfusion.com/ ) gives deep hydration with a surprisingly light, silky after-feel. It goes on smoothly not greasy. I find I don't have to reapply , All three scents are Divine! I am crazy about Mineral Renewal...

Botanical Blend (soothing skin benefits)
hints of Fiji apple and Chinese mandarin,
water lily and stephanotis flowers and
Baltic amber and musk

Mineral Renewal (for when your skin feels tired and depleted)
blend of crisp pear, fresh bergamot,
and the floralcy of apple blossom and
white peony with a hint of ginger essence

Vitamin Burst (containing vitamins B5 and E, for those whose skin needs
a boost)
Ferngully scent includes blend of sparkling citrus
and red currant berries,
pear and rhubarb, and enlivening flowers and spices


Vaseline really is keeping skin beautiful

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Glamorous Way to Track Your Health

Don't Act Like Debbie Downer
Studies show that glass-half-empty types don't live as long as those who look on the bright side.

When pessimists put a more positive spin on the calamities in their lives, they have less stress and better health. A classic UCLA study found that law students who began their first semester optimistic about the experience had more helper T cells mid semester, which can amplify the immune response, and more powerful natural killer cells, than students who had a more pessimistic perspective. One reason could be that optimists take better care of themselves. It could also be due to less stress-related damage to the immune system, such as killer cells that suddenly become pacifists.

What to do: Personality is tough to change, look for reasons—however small—to feel lucky every day. Sounds hokey, but try striking up a dinner table conversation with your family where you all share a couple of good things that happened every day.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Parisienne Fragrance

Romance, Elegance, and Sophistication -Just like Paris

Parisienne is Edgy and crisp... Blends of beautiful floral notes . I picked out the cranberry and violet right away,but what stands out the most is the rose .Parisienne lingers for hours with just a spray(or two) Comes in a sophisticated crystal cut bottle ,pretty pink color and a stunning YSL label on black leather.

It has currently moved into the number one spot on my Vanity(I absolutely love it )can't live without it kinda love!!! I have been wearing it night and day ... My man seems to like it too ;)

Ooh La La !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notes for Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne:
Top: cranberry, blackberry
Heart: Damask rose, violet, peony
Base: patchouli,musk, sandalwood
1 oz Eau de Parfum Spray $ 39
1.6 oz Eau de Parfum Spray $65
3 oz Eau de Parfum Spray $85


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