About me

My name is Meaghan Scharpf . I have two boys . I am married to a guy who I have come to learn belives life is one big adventure. We have a lot of fun together, His name is Eric . Currently I am a part time Esthetician and full time mom . When I am not at my skin care studio my day to day life consists mostly of getting the kids off to school , cleaning my house and making dinner for the three men in my life . I do manage to squeeze in time at the gym and a walk for our dog Molly. I worked in the beauty bussiness as an Esthetician and a Make-up artist for nearly twenty years. I have worked in some of the top spas in the country. Many of my years in the Beauty business have been behind the cosmetic counter . I have an unhealthy love of lipgloss and I have never givin up my total obsession with eyeshadow eyeliner and all things glittery !!! Wondering aimlessly through the cosmetic dept is a meditative experience for me ! Sometimes it can be transcendental ,I can attest to kinda a runner's high induced by the abundant proximity of so many shiny pretty things all in one place. I have decided to channel my lust for Beauty Products into a Blog .
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